Contemporary Art in Cranbrook and the Weald

Anne-Catherine Phillips

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Round and about - a view of England through the eyes of the artist.

Anne-Catherine Phillips sees beauty in the ordinary and everyday. This collection shows her love of England and the colour and life in

everything around her. Painting with oils has always been an important part of Anne-Catherine's artistic development - she describes their use

as remaining "as fresh and new to me as they were that first time" when she was just 13.  This freshness is evident in the vibrancy of her

canvasses and the tenderness she reveals towards the subjects she portrays.

"It is difficult for me to talk about painting, why I paint or what I am trying to say, capture etc. I paint for the love of the activity, for the joy of looking;

really looking around me, whether it be the light on the back of a neck, a basket of ironing, the sky, the sea, tulips in winter. I would like to think

that it is possible, through painting, to communicate some of this pleasure.'

Thursday 26th February to Saturday 21st March 2009