Contemporary Art in Cranbrook and the Weald

Nancy Nicholson - New Work

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In 2007 Nancy was Artist in Residence at Benenden School for 3 months.  She used this opportunity, given her considerable skill in pattern and

mark making, to develop her work and create a new range of intricate and absorbing images to amaze and delight.  Fans of Nancy's work will

recognise the elements that make her work so individual, with layered and collaged textiles embellished with machine embroidery.  She has built

on  her signature style developing a range of paper collages using the delicious colours and motifs which are so characteristic of her work.  This

exhibition shows the work of her sojourn as Artist in Residence at Benenden and its development since.

Also showing is work by Peter Cernis - oils, Peter Layton - free blown glass, Richard Heys - oils, Paul Jackson - oils and watercolour, Jane

Beecham - monoprints and Karl Terry - oils.