Contemporary Art in Cranbrook and the Weald

Still life: everyday actualities

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The representation of inanimate objects is called "still

life". This wide ranging subject matter has a common

theme but artists explore these possibilities in a

multitude of ways.

Toby Ward NEAC is better known for his portraiture and

narrative works but his familiar style shines through in a

wonderful collection of paintings done especially for

this show.

Accompanying the show will be work by Anne-

Catherine Phillips, Kaija Bulbrook SWA, Chris Daynes,

Stella Parsons and Karl Terry.

Thursday 23rd September to Saturday 16th October


Visitors welcome without appointment: Wednesday -

Friday 2.30pm - 5.30pm and Saturday 10.30am -


Other times by appointment.

See "Merriecroft" page for further information on venue

location and visit You Tube for a video tour of the